It’s been a busy September!

Headshot sessions have been off the hook lately…back to doing my favorite kind of work. Some are actors, some models, some business portraits and I love all these sessions.

male actor headshot
African American actor headshot
teen actor headshot
Baltimore headshots
Harford County photographer
First look for young actor
tough guy headshot
teen actor headshot
Baltimore actor headshot
Harford County headshot photographer
2nd look
Teen actor headshot
Baltimore headshots
African American male headshot
Male actor headshot
Harford County photographer
3rd look
Teen actor headshot
Outdoor headshot
natural light headshot
Baltimore headshots
Harford County photographer
4th look for young actor Stanley Grizmala
Business portraits
Corporate headshots
Baltimore corporate headshot photographer
Harford County headshots
A few of the many business portraits shot for Apex Physics Partners
headshot for models
actor headshot
blonde model headshots
Baltimore headshots
Harford County headshot photographer
commercial model headshots
Model Ashlin Teague- headshots for her Miami and Philadelphia agencies

Website and branding images for business and corporate clients.

Almost everyone needs a good photo these day. I shoot for corporations, small businesses and individuals to give them high quality images to use in marketing materials, on social media or business websites. These can be done at my studio or on location. Email me and we can discuss a custom session for you or your business.

Branding, marketing portraits and headshots
Professional women 
Business portrait
Personal marketing images for realtor Chi Yon Barbosa (makeup/hair Lisa Butz)
Professional headshot women
Realtor portrait
Business headshot
Environmental portraiture
Business portrait
Website portrait
CEO of Building Point Northeast. Environmental portrait for website use.
Environmental website portrait
Business portrait
Building Point website image
Outdoor portrait
Marketing image
Outdoor branding photography
Natural light headshot
Website photography for Lisa Roulette
Creative headshots
Stylist headshots for Goldwell / KAO Hair products
Business headshots men
Corporate headshots
Website portraits
Classic headshots for website use
Male professional headshot
environmental headshot
Business portrait
Personal branding photography
Website images for doctors office
Business headshot
Female professional headshot
Headshot used on posters and websites
Realtor headshot
Business portrait
Female professional headshot
Business headshot for realtor
Author Kim Crabill. Image used for book jacket and websites.
Unique portraits
Female business owners
Outdoor portraits women
Stylized shoot for business owners of Gypsy Vintage antiques
Business woman photography
corporate headshot
professional headshot
Female portraits
Business portrait for doctor featured on Baltimore Magazine website
Professional headshot
Environmental portrait
Website photography
Chef portrait for LIVE casino and hotel
Female professional headshot
classic professional headshot
business portrait
Headshot for Marianne Banister website use

Corporate Environmental Headshots

More and more lately I have been ditching the traditional background and doing environmental headshots for corporate clients. These companies all wanted to take a more contemporary approach to their business portraits. The marketing department requested more relaxed, casual poses. Their office space was a rather bland off white and beige so I used a little photography trick to add some color to their space.

Business headshot
Business portrait
Corporate headshot
Business headshot
Corporate headshot

The images below were done for a property management group that also wanted environmental images. They chose to do an outdoor look in front of one of their properties.

Outdoor corporate headshot

The following images were shot for a construction equipment supplier who wanted casual environmental portraits of their employees.

Environmental portrait
Corporate website images
Environmental portrait
Website images
Environmental portrait
Business website images

Modern corporate headshots for website and LinkedIn use.

These casual, yet polished headshots were done on location for a couple that both wanted an update to their website and LinkedIn profile photos. I used both artificial and natural light and they seemed very happy with the results. I fell in love with their dog Thor, so we did a quick family photo at the end of our session.

“We LOVE the photos!”

Corporate headshot
Marketing headshot
LinkedIn headshot
Business portrait
Modern business portraits
Corporate headshots
Environmental portraits
Modern headshots and business portraits

Ready to get back to work!

Headshot  Amy Jones Photography
Here I am, back in my studio, and ready to get set up for your session!

The weather is wonderful and we can finally get back out in the world. One of my favorite new lighting set ups uses natural light and working partially outside. This type of set up, I believe, will be an extra safe way to do headshot sessions. Although we will need to be closer than 6 feet to shoot, I am technically outside, but the subject is inside (sounds odd I know)! Sample images of this lighting set up below.

There is also the option of being totally outside for your headshots, weather/wind etc..can make this a little more tricky but it is certainly possible if you prefer to be 6 feet apart at all times. There are a number of interesting locations right outside the studio to give us some varied backgrounds. I will also add a few samples images of this option below.

I will only have one person in the studio at any given time and will allow plenty of time for thorough cleaning in between sessions also, I am happy to wear a mask if you prefer.

Full sessions are available with multiple backgrounds (the set up described above and also classic studio set up) or a quicker mini session with just the natural light.

Everyone is different and has different wants/needs when it comes to headshots. I am happy to create a custom session just for you. Whether it’s a super fast headshot for busy realtors or a full session with multiple clothing changes for actors, I can get that done.

Just like you, I love to make appointments online! However, since we really need to get to know each other a bit, I think it’s important to have an email exchange where we can discuss what type of images you prefer and I can give you a feel for how I work. It’s painless, I promise! Just shoot me a quick email, and let’s talk about what days/times are good for you and I can get the info necessary to quote you the best price possible.

Actor headshot
Sample of outside/inside lighting set up
Actor headshot
Sample of outside/inside lighting set up
Actor headshot
Sample of outside/inside lighting set up
Sample of outside/inside lighting set up
Business portrait and personal branding image
Full outside headshot using my staircase
Teen actress headshot
Full outside headshot session for young actor
Teen actor headshot
Full outside headshot image for actor

Headshots for actors, corporate clients, personal brading or just for fun. Almost everyone has a need for a good quality image for website and social media use. Studio and location sessions available.

Actor headshot
Headshot for actor Marsha Becker
Guest artist and instructor
Headshot for Goldwell USA/ Kao guest instructor and master hairstylist
Personal branding and social media marketing image
Chef Ed Evans of LIVE hotel and casino
Actor headshot
Teen actor
Teen model headshot
Agency model
Black and white headshot for NYC actor
Actor Kathryn Barnhardt
Marketing and branding image of Chef
Personal branding image and website photo of Chef Michael Matassa
Child actor headshot
Child actor headshot
Website and branding image for doctor.
Personal branding and website image for Dr. Sarah Cannon
Teen actor headshot
Teen actor headshot
Author headshot for book jacket, personal branding and marketing image.
Author, book jacket image

Personal branding images

Since everyone needs a headshot these days for websites and social media marketing I have been doing a lot more personal branding images. Some clients want a clean, simple image done in the studio and others want to shoot at their place of business. Either way works! These sessions can be as small and simple as you would like, or they can include lots of clothing/location options for a full shoot with lots of choices.

Personal branding
Personal branding and marketing photo for Chef Ed Evans of LIVE hotel and casino
Peronal branding and marketing image
Personal branding and marketing image for singer/songwriter
Personal branding image
Personal branding and website image
Headshot for newscaster Marianne Bannister
Website and branding image for new business owner
Marketing and branding image for new business owner
Personal branding image
Business Owner- Interior Design

Website photography for financial planners.

I spent a great day with these two gentleman that own Douglas Bradley.  We shot corporate headshots in the studio as well as images of two owners meeting with their clients on location.   These images will be used for marketing and on their business website.  

Studio and location images for business website.
Meeting image done on location for website and marketing.  Model: Nancy Carr
Corporate headshots for website and marketing use done in studio