Lifestyle Model Portfolio Images

Sean is an actor and commercial model represented by T.H.E. Artist Agency in DC. We started with acting headshots then planned a day of lifestyle shots so his agency could have a good mix of looks to add to their website. I found various locations near my studio to give his shots a more realistic look. It was a chilly day but we had a great session! Here are just a few of looks we did.

Male model photography
Commercial model
Commercial modeling men
Headshot photography men
Model images chosen by T.H.E. Artist Agency for their website all images copyright Amy Jones
Actor and lifestyle image
commercial modeling photography
male commercial model
business photography
Actor and commercial modeling image
Natural light headshot
actor headshot
commercial model headshot
commercial model photography
Lifestyle modeling image
Commercial modeling image- Athletic
Outdoor photography
natural light photography
commercial modeling men
Lifestyle modeling portfolio image
Lifestyle modeling
Commercial modeling
Outdoor photo session
Commercial model image

Headshots for actors and models

December was a busy month with many commercial jobs as well as studio headshots. I was lucky enough to work with some very talented, fresh faces in the business.

Acting headshot
Actor headshot
Studio headshot
Actor headshot
Modeling image
Acting headshot
Modeling/ acting image for Jalynn

Actor Lindsay Rosser new headshot images

Actor headshot
2nd lighting/background set up for Lindsay
Lindsay often books jobs where she plays younger than she really is, so this is her “teen” headshot
New actor headshots for Kiley Earnest (look at those eyes!)

Commercial advertising photography

Commercial photography for website and personal branding use.

A lot of my shoots are done for commercial use, creating images that help sell a client’s service or product through their websites and social media marketing platforms. Whether you are building your own site or working with a PR firm/advertising agency, it’s important to have unique, high quality images and if at all possible, avoid using bland stock photos. Contact me if you need marketing images for your product or service. Studio or location.

Commercial advertising image done for printed catalog.
Commercial advertising images done for the cover of Spring 2020 printed catalog for Lily Trotters compression socks. Copyright Amy Jones
Website photography for Lily Trotters socks.  Marketing photography. Branding photography.
Website and advertising image for Lily Trotters socks. Model photography and product shots copyright Amy Jones
Website and advertising photography for Lily Trotters.  Commercial advertising photography
Website and advertising image for Lily Trotters. Copyright Amy Jones
Commercial photography for lifestyle website.  Marketing branding images.
Home page image for lifestyle website and blog. Image copyright Amy Jones
Headshot photography for website use.
Headshot photography for lifestyle website
Headshot photography for artist website.  Personal branding photography.
Headshot and personal branding image for jewelry designer website. Copyright Amy Jones
Model photography for website and sales.  Commercial photography.
Model photography for jewelry designer website. Copyright Amy Jones Model: Alex Hayden. Makeup/hair: Caitlyn Meyer.
Headshot photography for on-air personality and public speaker.
Headshot photography for website and marketing use. Headshot image copyright Amy Jones.
Website and personal branding image for life coach.
Images for life coach Lisa Roulette to be used for website and personal branding. Copyright Amy Jones.

Actor and Model headshots and model composite card images (Zed Cards). I specialized in commercial modeling images as well as actor/model headshots for various Baltimore, Washington, Pennsylvania, and Virginia casting agencies. These are samples of commercial modeling and headshot images for adults and teen/children.

Actor headshot
Teen Child actor headshot
Baltimore headshot
Maryland headshot
Actor headshot
Teen actor and model portfolio images
Samantha new acting headshot for auditions and personal branding
Teen headshots
Commercial headshots
Modeling headshots
Baltimore headshots
Actor headshots
Maryland headshots
Teen actor and model headshots for commercial modeling and auditions
Actor headshots Baltimore
Maryland actor headshots
Headshots for actors
Actor headshots
Child actor headshot
Baltimore headshots
Teen Maryland headshots
Actor headshots
Teen headshot Child actor headshot
Baltimore actor headshot
Maryland headshot
Headshots for actors
Actor headshot
Teen modeling images
Commercial modeling
Teen actors
Actor headshots
Modeling portfolio 
Baltimore actor headshots
Teen modeling images for Allie Brown.
Actor headshots
Commercial model headshots
Baltimore headshots
Maryland headshots
Commercial model and actor headshots
Commercial modeling images
Zed card images
Actor model headshots
Commercial headshots
Baltimore headshots 
Teen modeling images
Teen Children headshots
Many years of commercial modeling samples and headshots All images copyright Amy Jones